TOP 5 Most beautiful smartphones

Hello friend's here is the top 5 most beautiful smartphones.All smartphone have good very good look and stunning design build quality and unique design and better performance and good battery backup. all the Sorted by the Specs of the Phone. These Phone has Great Physical Appearance, Build Quality, Longer Battery Life, Awesome Camera,etc.All smartphone work very well.

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Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About AIR FORCE ONE

Air Force One, a.k.a. that enormous plane that carts the president around, is one of the most enduring symbols of American power. To this end, the planes carrying the Air Force One designation are filled to the brim with bleeding edge technology and a bunch of other cool stuff we’re going to talk about… well, right now. For example, did you know…

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10. There are Massive Rolls of Carpet for it Lying Around Somewhere
9. It Can Fly Forever
8. Everybody Aboard is a Picky Eater
7. They Destroy Everything that Doesn’t Work
6. Every Member of the Staff Could Kick Your Ass
5. Being Watched by a Special Team of Snipers
4. Who Made the Toilet is a Big Secret
3. On a Nuclear Bomb-Proof Plane
2. There’s a Special Fridge Full of Blood on Board
1. Air Force One is Polished to a Mirror Sheen

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Top 10 Cute Baby Animal Videos 2017 [CUTE]

Cutest animals ever are cute baby animals. These top 10 cute animal videos of animal babies are so adorable. Cute kittens, cute puppies, cute baby monkeys, all are so cute and funny to watch. This is a channel with funny animals and funny animal videos. All you can find like cute kittens, cute puppies or cats and kittens meowing or dogs barking and also funny cats and funny dogs, but wait, there's more.

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