Concorde last night time take off to New York (22)

Concorde last night time take off to New York.
A huge crowd turned out to watch her on a very cold but breathtaking evening at London Heathrow. The sound and sight was awesome as she flew past us at the end of the runway and through the trees. Were you there too?
Concorde G-BOAG 23rd October 2003.

Concorde Flight-New York to London with detailed Captain’s commentary 2003 (No music, best video!)

Highlights, include Captain's commentary of the unique take-off, breaking the sound barrier and landing plus food & life onboard. Shows what it was like as a passanger on board the the aircraft at MACH2.0 and 57000"

Includes detailed Captain commentary, the "Jamaica Bay" departure, champange, caviar & food!

She is surely missed!

This version is response to the popular request for me to re-load it without background music throughout. (The introduction has a very small amount that stops as soon as the Captian starts speaking)

The music excerpt at the start of this video was arranged and produced by Rick Clarke – (aka Rickvanman on YouTube).

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